Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baseball Fall 2104

We have not been abducted by aliens the entire month of October.  We have been swamped up to our eyeballs in baseball season!!  All the kids who could be on a team this season are.  Hayden is on the Phillies t-ball team.  Taylor is on the Red Sox coach pitch team, and Tyson is on the AAA Braves team.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I will attempt to catch up :)
Hayden is hitting so much better this season.  I think she has figured out, the harder she hits the quicker it will be over.  Let's just say she has not loved this baseball season.
 When she does slug the ball she still prances down to the bases.  It is adorable!  She is the only girl on her team and she loves all the attention.
 Hayden is rarely ever put in a serious fielding spot.  I think it is half due to her safety and half due to the coaches sanity.  If a ball is hit directly to her and hits her cleats, she will pick it up.  That's about if for fielding.

Taylor also plays in the out field a bunch but she is getting better & better at hitting.  I think she has hit off the coach more in this one season than Tyson has in his last 3 seasons.  Gotta love it!
Taylor is also the only girl on her team and it has been good for the most part.  We did have a bullying incident that went on and I had to talk to a teammates parents.  They were so upset that they made this poor boy write a letter to Taylor and apologize to her and to me.
Here is a copy of the letter:
Super nice of Andreas, I think his parents may have grounded him for life.  I have never seen parents so upset with their child.  I hate having to talk to parents about their kids but it had gone on for a couple of weeks and was making Taylor upset.  Being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be :)

For Tyson I have not taken a single picture this entire season.  It is a totally different vibe now that he is in the big leagues.  All the cute Mommy pictures are kind of weird when the kids are so big and basically professional ball players :)  I will have to try to sneak and get some tonight!

Ward picnic

Our ward had a family picnic at Seastrand park the other day.  I am a bum and loathe these activities but drag myself to them because the kids love them.  It was pleasantly not as painful as I had expected it would be, but it still can't beat being at home :)  
Here's my crazy girl.  She has a swollen nose and face from tripping over a cement car barricade and falling onto a cement sidewalk nose first.  What the heck?  Just this morning she fell down 3 stairs as I was standing right next to her.  If she makes it out of childhood alive it will be a miracle!!
 Our ward provided bubbles for the kids. So cute!

 Ryan could not get the bubbles figured out until she saw her big sister rocking them.

I am worried about this little flirt.  Already trying to pick up boys at the park.

Good luck to us!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Elk Grove Weekend

We had to get a group shot of all the DeMilles who were together for the weekend.  Growing up we were the only Susoevs ever.  My Mom has 4 sisters and only 1 brother so at every family reunion everyone had different last names.  And no, before you ask, there were never any Susoev reunions.  That's a whole mess of fish we just won't get in to :)  It is so weird to me to have so many people with the same last name.  
 Grandma & Grandpa DeMille with 8 of their 15 grandkids (15 grandkids ages 9 and under! Tyson is the 2nd oldest.)  These are some busy Grandparents!!
 Brandon & Darcie have this fun pool that Tyson wanted to live in the entire time he was there.  Sunday was torture because we didn't let him swim on Sunday. Mean old Mormons :)

Super fun weekend and I even sqeezed in an IKEA trip and found a perfect bathroom cabinet!  The funniest thing is our family has 1 boy and then 3 girls and their family has 1 girl and then 3 boys.  We did an awesome clothes swap a roo.  We brought up 7 bags of Tyson's old clothes and they sent us home with over 9 bags of girl clothes.  Win Win!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sacramento trip

We ran up to Sacramento during Labor Day weekend for Jason's niece's baptism.  They live on a mini farm and the kids had a blast running around like crazies at their house. 
 Grandpa DeMille & Uncle Brandon built this amazing treehouse/ playground.  Hayden was in heaven!
 Friday night Aunt Darcie threw Maren a Harry Potter themed birthday party.  Maren just turned 8 and has read the first 3 Harry Potter books.  She's in love with anything Harry Potter and Aunt Darie went all out!  We had a sorting ceremony and each kid was put into a house.  Luckily we were all in Griffindoyr (just like Harry :)

 Next we had Uncle Brandon see which wand chose us and he told us the history of the wand.  Taylor's was made of unicorn dust and pink butterfly wings.
 Tyson's was made of chicken feet and troll snot.  Go figure :)
 Ryan's was of course made of adorableness and rainbows.  She had everyone wrapped around her little finger 5 minutes after we got there.
 Each kid got to paint their wands any color they'd like.  They got to take them home in this official box from Ollivander's.  So cute!

 Next it was on to Butter Beer making!!  I'm telling you this was an amazing Harry Potter party!!

 So awesome & yummy!!
I'm adding the recipe because it would be a fun FHE activity or any night of the week activity actually!
Cream soda= butter brew
butterscotch= dragon venom
Cool Whip= cloud fluff
pinch of cinnamon= unicorn dust
dry ice= troll rock

The kids were mesmerized while Aunt Darcie was making their very own Butter Beer.  The adults were amazed by how yummy it actually was.  Such an awesome party!  Thanks Aunt Darcie & Uncle Brandon!!!

Taylor's glasses

Taylor had her 6 year old well check up in August and they screened her for her sight and told me I need to take her to an optometrist.  Come to find out my girl can't see!!  
 She did super great on all of the tests to get her readings.

 The saddest part was when the doctor started changing the lenses to see which was better.  Taylor sat up and was amazed that she could see so clear.  It broke my little heart :(
She has an astigmatism in one eye and has some nearsightedness in the other eye.  The doctor said she can't see near and she can't see far.  So Sad!!  I asked the doctor why we didn't know sooner that she couldn't see and he said she had been seeing like this her whole life, she didn't know any better.  How do you explain something's fuzzy if you've never seen it clear?
Here she is wearing them for the first time!!
 We went to McDonalds to celebrate her new glasses!!
When we picked them up they told us she may get headaches and actually fall down a bit because she was so used to over compensating for her perception of things being off.  She's had them 2 days and has done really well with them :)

Quick Trip

We are crazy, and decided to get a quick one day trip to Disney in before school started.  Totally spontaneous and nuts!

This little girl's run cracks me up.
Freakily, my 2 cousins and their families were at Disney the same day! We met up with CeCe to watch the parade.
ANNA!!!!    ELSA!!!!
Adorable :)
Hayden slept through the whole thing :)

Then we did our favorite, Autotopia.
Where Ryan promptly passed out!

She was OUT!
We park hopped over to Disney California and rode a few rides before I talked Jason into getting this huge ice cream at Ghiradelli.  (We got ice cream there once and now I dream of it.)  Isn't that monster amazing?!?  It has 8 different ice creams and 8 different toppings.  Delicious!!
It was a DeMille free for all.
Licked clean :)
We caught the fireworks in between both parks.  Disney never disappoints!
We got home Sunday afternoon just in time for Father's blessings, backpack load ups, and uniform/school clothes lay out before school started the next day.  Crazy trip, but such a blast!